Preventing Ladder Injuries

Ladders are convenient and useful pieces of equipment that are used by millions of people to help with numerous projects and chores around the house such as hanging decorations, cleaning gutters and window washing.  Ladders are also frequently used in numerous workplace industries such as painting, roofing and construction.  Despite their usefulness, ladders are potentially dangerous.  Ladder accidents or falls can cause serious injuries and even death.

Statistics Show an Alarming Number of Injuries Related to Ladder Accidents; in fact according to the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission, about 165,000 Americans require medical treatment for ladder-related injuries each year.


preventionA study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine utilized national data to analyze ladder-related injuries and found that over 2.1 million people were treated in an emergency room department for a ladder accident between the years 1990 and 2005.  Almost 10 percent of those accidents resulted in a hospitalization.  Also, according to the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission, more than 560,000 people were treated in a hospital emergency room or other medical facility in 2006 alone.  These numbers are quite alarming considering that many of these ladder accidents are preventable. A Fall from a Ladder Can Cause Serious Injuries. FACT: Of the reported accidents, 40% of falls from ladders are attributed to the ‘the ladder moving’ (click on chart to see details).

Any injury resulting from a ladder accident or a fall from a ladder can keep an individual out of work for a lengthy period of time.  As the height off the ground increases, so does the risk for serious catastrophic injuries.  Injuries can range from cuts and bruises to different types of fractures including those to the wrists, hands, legs or feet to more serious injuries such as herniated discs, traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries.  Some of these injuries have the potential to cause life-altering health consequences that could disable people for life requiring them to receive ongoing medical care and treatment.  The most serious outcome of a ladder fall can be death.

Accidental Deaths in the US


Safety Facts

Falls are the second leading cause of occupational deaths after motor vehicle crashes according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (Department of Labor, 2010). The most recent data available shows that falls accounted for 617 deaths among workers; the most prevalent form of injury resulted from workers falling to a lower level from ladders, scaffolds, buildings, or other elevations.

  • Falls accounted for over $13 billion of the overall cost burden to employers through U.S. worker compensation costs
  • Falls on the same level were the second leading cost to of disabling injury in 2008
  • Cost to employers was $8.37 billion and accounted for over 15% of the injury burden
  • Falls to a lower level were the fifth leading cost to of disabling injury in 2008
  • Cost to employers was $5.29 billion and accounted for almost 10% of the injury burden
  • The mean total work comp benefits for indemnity claims due to falls and trips was $40,043, which includes case reserves for claims that are still open(2007 – 2008).

2010 Workers’ Compensation Indemnity Claim (loss of 3 or more days from work) due to fall accidents:

  • Average indemnity benefit: $17,100
  • Estimated mean medical benefit: $21,500
  • Total estimate work comp benefits: $38,500
  • Fall injury indemnity benefits accounted for 20% of all indemnity benefits paid for claims closed between Jan. and Sept. 2010 (Zaidman, 2011).

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