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Winner of the ISHN/ASSE Attendee Choice Award-
Voted the most innovative safety product in Fall Protection at the
ASSE Safety 2014 Conference & Exposition


We, at Monkeyrack Products, believe that extension ladder safety is no accident; it is the by-product of superior safety products that provide viable solutions to common workplace challenges.

Specifically designed to address the critical fall protection needs associated with improper set-up and use of extension ladders, the patented Monkeyrack® Ladder Stabilization system uniquely bonds a receiver hitch and an extension ladder together, to provide superior ladder safety, stability, and vital fall protection.


Fall Protection Benefits of the Monkeyrack Ladder Stabilizer:

  • Satisfies and exceeds ANSI A14 regulatory compliance, see video
  • Securely provides up to 20’ of free-standing height
  • Anti-tipping ladder stabilization up to 40’, read more
  • Provides up to 13 Points of Contact
  • Engineered to comply with the ANSI A14 recommended angle
  • User-Friendly, Efficient Set-up
    • 3 to 5 minutes installation
    • Ground level installation
    • Application Versatility
    • Read more
  • Removes ladder dependence on the ground/surface terrain.
  • Proudly overbuilt – Steel construction/Industrial Strength, read more
  • Enhanced Stability now available with the ‘Bolt-on Attachment’, see it in action
  • Economical investment in SAFETY

Commit to extension ladder safety by reducing risk and prioritizing the safety of your employees by providing them with the newest, innovative safety product in ladder stabilization.

USAWe appreciate the sacrifice and dedication of the U.S. Military and Retired Veterans and thank you for your Service. We also recognize the perseverance of schools and devotion of our churches. Contact us directly for special product discounts.

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